What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is an industry that provides entertainment to people. It can take various forms, from shows and music to zoo animals. Anything that is designed to make an audience happy is considered Entertaiment. The term has been coined by Frank Bellew in his book, The Art of Amusing Yourself.

It includes music

Music has many uses, from directing audiences to performing arts. In a musical, for instance, fast music might be used to evoke a climax, a character being scared, or a close capture. On the other hand, a slow piece of music might be used to convey a character’s anger or frustration.

It includes zoo animals

There are a variety of laws that protect zoo animals, ranging from federal to state laws. The CITES convention, governing the trade in endangered species, protects zoo animals from being traded or exported. The list is divided into Appendices I and II, with Appendix I animals receiving the most protection. Appendices II and III contain animals with lower levels of protection. CITES membership is voluntary, but zoos that were established before 1973 are exempt from its provisions.

The zoo is a great place to introduce children to the animal kingdom. They will learn about different animals, new words, and behaviors. By the time they’ve finished exploring the zoo, they’ll be able to talk about their newfound knowledge.